Each week we try and look at a few players we should look for on the cheap in a deal - guys who could bring in more points down the road for a small price now, and guys who could bring back more value than their worth.  With four more bye weeks, and many leagues' trade deadline approaching fast, now may be the time to cash in (or get what you can) in a deal.

Alfred Morris RB WAS - Morris still drives his 1991 Mazda, but that should change soon as he continues to prove himself in the NFL.  He has showed us that he can not only survive the workload of a Shanahan offense, and that he can prove rookie RB doubters wrong, but that he can put up massive points week in and week out.  While I still think that Morris won't decline much in the coming weeks, when we look a bit deeper, you may decide now's the time to sell.  With a week-10 bye still to come, and many RB's having already had their bye weeks, you could get an extra week worth of stats from another running back.  Morris has been putting up top 10 numbers in fantasy leagues, but that may change with the bye week and some very tough matchups coming down the stretch.  With the exception of BAL and CLE (albeit weeks 15 and 16), the 'Skins face top 20 rushing defenses the rest of the way.  Sell high with confidence and reap a hefty reward.

Adrian Peterson RB MIN - Again, this column is called SELL HIGH/BUY LOW for a reason, so give us a chance.  Peterson may well be fantasy's 4th ranked back, and may not falter down the stretch, but there are a few reasons why we think you should sell high.  We can't just forget about his faulty ankle, it will continue to wear as the season continues on.  And we have to look at the match-ups, as well.  Peterson, like Morris, still has his bye week (11), and faces some excruciatingly tough rushing defenses the rest of the way.  With two meetings slated in the coming weeks against Chicago (including a late November game IN Chicago), Tampa and Seattle (who rank 1 and 2 in rushing D), and a meeting with ball-control freaks Houston - the window to sell AP may dwindle as the season progresses.  So shed a silent tear, sell Peterson for some quality talent (we just picked up M. Austin and DMC for him) and don't look back.  It may just be too painful for a dude you picked up in the second or third round.

Backup QB's (Fitzpatrick, Roethlisberger, Dalton, Luck, Flacco) - We wrote up a sell high article on Dalton last week and we hope you took notice.  These guys might not bring you the best returns, but at this point, even a handcuff RB, 4th WR, or high end TE2 may be enough to let these guys go.  And for whatever it's worth, another manager just might be looking for a bye week fill in (they don't want to miss out on 20+ points rolling with a Gabbert, and these guys will certainly produce more than a Hasslebeck or Palmer.)  Look for an upset Vick or Stafford owner, and the guy who still has RG3 or Brady as their only rostered QB and get what you can.  It's better than hanging onto a backup that you just won't use.  SELL (whether high or low).

Andre Johnson WR HOU - Johnson has had a relatively unproductive season thus far according to preseason standards.  Houston is also on a bye this week, and look to regroup after an astounding win against Baltimore.  Gary Kubiak has gone on record saying that the Texans will look to feed AJ the ball more moving forward.  Take this bye-week opportunity to buy low on Johnson from a frustrated owner looking to plug in some starters this week.  The opportunities will certainly be there for Andre-80, as he has 17 catches in his last two games.  Buy low now.

Fred Jackson/CJ Spiller - We told you week four that these are two guys to buy very low on, as they continued to recover from injuries and figure out how to split the load, their stock will rise.  Well, it's rising now, and the opportunity to buy low is dwindling fast.  Jackson has slowly gotten his feet back since a week three injury (2.2, 3.2, 3.3, and 7.9 yards per carry the last 4 weeks), and should be in line for roughly 10-12 carries per game, which could lead to 50-75 rushing yards per game.  Spiller may not come so cheap, but he continues to impress Buffalo coaches and fantasy owners each game.  He is currently ranked #1 in DVOA (Defense-adjusted Value over Average running backs,) and is averaging 12 carries per game, 7 yards per carry, and 9 yards per catch.  Buy low if you can on either of these backs, as they are currently on bye and have a few tasty matchups coming up.



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