There were lots of moves this offseason.  Capped by Pujols signing on with the Angels, and Prince Fielder joining the Tigers.  V-Mart and Ryan Madson are out for the season, and Andrew Bailey is already out until July with an elbow injury.  We're just 5 minutes away from the start of the '12 baseball season, and here are my predictions.

1. New York Yankees
2. Boston Red Sox
3. Toronto Blue Jays
4. Tampa Bay Rays
5. Baltimore Orioles

I see the Jays beating out the Rays, mostly in part to some guys falling short/getting injured in Tampa.  I love the young pitching staff the Rays have, but watch out for the Jays, led by Joey Bats and some nice young pitchers.  I think the Jays could push for the wild card.

1. Detroit Tigers
2. Minnesota Twins
3. Chicago White Sox
4. Kansas City Royals
5. Cleveland Indians

I just don't think Ubaldo Jiminez is the answer in Cleveland.  The White Sox are in a rebuilding year, with some old pieces kicking around.  Dunn and Rios do just enough to keep them out of the cellar.  The Tigers run away with this division and could be the best team in baseball.

1. LA Angels
2. Texas Rangers
3. Seattle Mariners
4. Oakland A's

The A's are a triple A team this year.  They have some nice young pieces, but when Coco Crisp is leading the attack, they have no chance.  The Angels and Rangers both make the playoffs, just beating out the Rays.  Seattle could see a spark from a better year from Ichiro, Ackley getting better and Felix leading the way.

Wild Card
Red Sox over Rangers

Red Sox over Tigers
Angels over Yankees

Angels over Red Sox

1. Miami Marlins
2. Philadelphia Phillies
3. Atlanta Braves
4. Washington Nationals
5. NY Mets

If Josh Johnson can stay healthy, the new-look Marlins will push for the East title.  The Phillies hang tight and get the wild card in part to some great pitching.  I don't have the Braves as high as most people, but I am not a fan of this team this year.  The Nationals get better, but not much, and the Mets are in the basement due to some injuries and no pitching.

1. Cincinnati Reds
2. St. Louis Cardinals
3. Milwaukee Brewers
4. Chicago Cubs
5. Pittsburgh Pirates
6. Houston Astros

The Cardinals should make the wild card, but I think this is the year for the Reds.  Plus this division lost Pujols.  I don't think they can do it this year.  The Reds have some decent pitching and a heck of an offense.  The Brewers are hurt by the spotlight of the Braun scandal and the loss of Prince.  The Astros and Pirates are a joke.

1. San Francisco Giants
2. Arizona Diamondbacks
3. Colorado Rockies
4. LA Dodgers
5. SD Padres

I could possibly see 3 teams make it in from this division.  Depending on how the Cardinals handle the loss of Big Albert.  The Diamondbacks are as good as they are young.  This is a fun team to watch.  I like the Rockies led by Tulo and Cargo.  Will it be enough?  The Dodgers have Kershaw, but not much else outside of a nice bullpen.

Wild Card
Phillies over Diamondbacks

Giants over Phillies
Reds over Marlins

Reds over Giants

Angels over Reds

I think the Angels have what is takes this year.  They have three Aces (Haren, Weaver, Wilson), they have the best hitter in baseball, and 4 all star caliber outfielders.  I love the Reds this year, I think the addition of Latos, with Cueto stepping up as a dominant ace should help.  That offense can be scary if Heisey continues to develop.  Phillips is the proVotto is a beast.  All in all I'd like to say my beloved Red Sox make it, but I just don't see it happening this year.  I think Valentine is the perfect guy for this position. 

4/4/2012 03:44:06 pm

I agree with most of your picks but... I feel the indians will do something better but obviously not enough bur i can see them in 2nd place and winning about 78 to 85 wins. I also feel like the giants will run into injuries and the nl west will be won by arizona and the rockies having a shot at the wildcard. I also would love to see the redsox do some good this year so i will be the homer who says they will win the divison and yanks will miss out on division eventhough i know its not logical. I do think cody ross is a huge upgrade and i believe in carl crawford coming back to decent status and wait for the resurrance of dice k in late june to july. All in all i will pick angles vs ariZona world series and arizona will win with justin upton as mvp

6/9/2012 10:54:36 pm

Yeah, the Pirates sure are a joke....even though they are 1 game back...yeah its early and they did this last year until the end of the season, but last year they didn't have the pitching they have now and their bats have improved a lot also. I am not saying they are going all the way, but they are not a joke and they have the potential to go far in a couple years. Look at McCutchen, you can't stop his offense. And Alex Presley is really impressing me this year also. Everyone says how bad the Pirates suck, look at the Cubs, how long has it been since they have had a 100 years! To call the Pirates a joke and not the Cubs is just down right a joke in itself! The Cubs are doing great right now!!

6/10/2012 09:50:17 am

Mathias - thanks for checking out the site.

You are right, the Pirates have been a pleasant surprise this year. McDonald has really stepped up, Bedard is pitching well, and Walker is getting hot. But this team, like the Rockies a few years back with CarGo breaking out and the Diamondbacks with Upton, will go as far as McCutchen takes them. He is an absolute stud. Another moonshot today, too. I think the Pirates have already proven me wrong, but I like the Reds too much this year. I think they stretch things out as this long season continues. The Pirates will make things interesting for teams like the Giants, DBacks, Cardinals and the Nats/Braves.

Thanks again for the comment, hope you enjoy the blog.

6/10/2012 09:38:33 am


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