There was once a time in fantasy baseball history when first base was the running back of fantasy baseball.  You took 'em early, you took 'em often, and you filled in the rest.  We've since lost the first base eligibility of the Utley's and Ortiz', the Delgado's and Derrek Lee's have long since been forgotten.  We welcome you to 2013 where first base is the new tight end of baseball.  Tons of depth, but you either get the top few guys, or you wait as long as you can to pick from the best of the rest.  Without further ado, we hope to sort through the first base rankings - and hope to help you should you wait past the first couple of rounds to grab a 1B.

Top Tier:
1. Joey Votto - Only an injury can stop him this season. 
2. Albert Pujols - Arguably the top 1B, but age and stat trends might say otherwise.
3. Prince Fielder - Consistently puts up monster power numbers.  Love the DET lineup.
4. Buster Posey - C eligibility warrants Posey a hot commodity. 

Second Tier:
5. Adrian Gonzalez - Back where he wants to be, should even out to .300-30-100
6. Billy Butler - Seems to have put it all together last season with his .313-72-29-107 line.
7. Edwin Encarnacion - Reminds me of Adrian Beltre - can he maintain the elite status?
8. Paul Goldschmidt - Five-tool fantasy first-sacker. Love the 18 SB.
9. Freddie Freeman - In ATL lineup, .280-100-30-100 is possible from the 23 year old.

Third Tier:
10. Allan Craig - Could put up some serious numbers with close to 550 AB's.
11. Carlos Santana - C eligibility skews his rankings a bit, but is worth the pick.
12. Mark Teixeira - Don't ask for average or steals and you shouldn't be disappointed.
13. Mark Trumbo - Love the lineup.  35 long balls shouldn't be too much to ask for.
14. Joe Mauer - Probably better suited in your C position.
15. Mike Napoli - Power numbers galore in Beantown.  Let's see an average above .230

Fourth Tier:
16. Ike Davis - You have to love your chances on a gamble he puts it all together this year.
17. Eric Hosmer - At this point you could do much worse than chasing his potential.
18. Paul Konerko - No complaints in getting a repeat 2012 performance later in the draft.
19. Ryan Howard - If he can stay healthy, you got yourself a steal.
20. Todd Frazier - Like the 1b/3b eligibility.  Could take big steps forward in 2013.

Fifth Tier:
21. Michael Cuddyer - Plug and play - the perfect fantasy utility player.
22. Nick Swisher - Take the worst of each stat over the past three years - .260-75-23-85-1
23. Chris Davis - A repeat of 2012 would be a best case scenario.
24. Anthony Rizzo - Could emerge as a top 15-20 1B for 2014.
25. Adam Laroche - Could help your team with another 100 RBI's this year.

Guys you could take a gamble on or pick up via FA:
26. Adam Dunn - You draft him for one thing only - long balls.
27. Kendrys Morales - Should do well with a full time gig.  30 homers?
28. Garrett Jones - Can't hit lefties, but can certainly help your team when facing RHP.
29. Kevin Youkilis - With a full season and at bats, could return to 20+ HR.
30. Tyler Colvin - Like what he did in limited at bats last season.
31. Brandon Moss - 21 HR in just 265 at bats last year.

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