Remember the days when a guy like Robinson Cano was ranked as the 9th or 10th second baseman in the league?  The good old days, when Chase Utley was a fantasy god, Brian Roberts and Mark DeRosa were fantasy relevant, and Alexei Ramirez qualified at the position?  I remember a time when I looked at the rankings and felt as I could hold out until the late rounds to grab a serviceable 2b.  Not much has changed since those days, other than the names you see on your rankings lists.  With so many players shifting to second, or keeping eligibility at second, you can look down a long list of guys you can strategically grab for the position to help you over the long haul.  Guys like Espinosa, Prado, Zobrist all can play multiple positions, adding that much more value to your roster.  Let's take a peek at the rankings we have compiled this off-season.

Top Tier:
1. Robinson Cano - Easy pick for #1.  At least .302-28-94 over the past three seasons.
2. Dustin Pedroia - Should he stay healthy will push Kinsler for #2 because of his AVG.
3. Ian Kinsler - One of the best bets in MLB for a 20/20 season.

Second Tier:
4. Ben Zobrist - Eligibility gives him the nod here.  Great bet to contribute in 5 cats.
5. Jason Kipnis - Kinsler light - expect 15 HR and 30 SB for 2013.
6. Jose Altuve - Michael Bourn of the infield.  Good bet for .300 and 40 SB this year.
7. Brandon Phillips - Extraordinarily consistent.  18 HR and ~15 SB in each of last three.
8. Martin Prado - Consummate ballplayer. Won't kill you in any stat - 2b,3b,SS,OF elig.

Third Tier:
9. Danny Espinosa - Should be good for 20/20 but watch the average.
10. Rickie Weeks - Hopefully he can bring his average up.
11. Chase Utley - Expect a bounce back season from Utley.  Won't hurt your team healthy.
12. Dan Uggla - 0 average potential, but huge power potential in revamped ATL lineup.

Fourth Tier:
13. Aaron Hill - Was his 2012 season in ARZ a fluke?
14. Kyle Seager - 2b/3b is nice.   Should approach 20/20.
15. Neil Walker - If you look at his #s you'll see how consistent he really is.
16. Omar Infante - Love this guy in the DET lineup. 
17. Howie Kendrick - Solid, but unspectacular source of decent across the board stats.

Guys you could take a gamble on or pick up via FA:

18. Jurickson Profar - Should scoot up this board should he get some AB's in the majors.
19. Dustin Ackley - Should he put it all together, will be a steal here.
20. Daniel Murphy - Very sneaky late round value - without the power numbers.
21. Emilio Bonifacio - Could score 100 runs in Jays lineup with sneaky speed.
22. Marco Scutaro - Love the versatility, but not going to put up huge numbers in any cat.
23. Jedd Gyorko - Having a great spring and could win the full time job.

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