Guys like Prado, Hanley, Seager, and Frazier are eligible at other positions. Aramis Ramirez and Beltre are nearing the second half of their 30's.  Chase Headley and Arod are both now injured and out for significant parts of the season.  Third base is no longer looking like the hot corner.  Think of it more as the opportunity corner.   Pedro Alvarez finally learned how to get the ball over the fence; Will Middlebrooks and Manny Machado will look to move up into the upper echelons of the position over the coming seasons.  Consider it the changing of the guards, leaving a huge middle tier of players.  Grab the usual suspects early: Cabrera, Beltre, Wright, Longoria.  And if you can't - you can probably wait it out and get some nice value while stocking up on pitching and outfielders.  Let's take a gander.

Top Tier:
1.  Miguel Cabrera - Arguably the best hitter in baseball.  Hope for a top three pick.

Second Tier:
2. Hanley Ramirez - We have him ranked as the #2 SS too so his price tag could get high.
3. Adrian Beltre - Getting up there in age, but should be a lock for .300-30-100.
4. David Wright - Love the value of a possible 2nd rounder on him.  Tough lineup to be on.
5.  Evan Longoria - If this guy could just stay healthy, he'd be a top 10 pick, easily.
6. Ryan Zimmerman - Putting it all together.  You can realistically hope for .290-90-30-100

Third Tier:
7. Brett Lawrie - 23 year old oozing with potential. Could top 100 runs and 20/20.
8. Aramis Ramirez - Extraordinarily consistent.  Even at 34.
9. Pablo Sandoval - Extraordinarily inconsistent.  But has shown the ability to rake.
10. Martin Prado - .300 with double digit steals and homers for Prado should come easily.
11. Will Middlebrooks - Surprisingly even-keeled in his first half-season, 15 HR in 267 ABs.
12. David Freese - One cool customer.  A legit threat for a guy you can wait on.
13. Kyle Seager - Great sleeper/value pick.  2B eligibility, too.  15/15 should be no problem.

Fourth Tier:
14. Pedro Alvarez - The Adam Dunn of 3B.  Can he post 35 HR with a .240 BA?
15. Manny Machado - Much higher in keeper leagues.  Just 20.  Could push 20HR/10SB.
16. Todd Frazier - We love the 1B/3B/OF eligibility, and the Reds lineup. 
17. Chase Headley - Out at least 4-6 weeks.  More of a flier pick but can surely hit.
18. Mike Moustakas - Just 24 and will continue to develop.  Hopefully he can bring up AVG.

Guys to take a flier on or grab via FA:
19. Kevin Youkilis - Will get plenty of AB's in '13 - getting back to 25 HR a possibility.
20. Michael Young - We think he still has some value here.  Pray for .290-80-10-80
21. Mark Reynolds - Could win a lumberjack contest.  .220 hitter with 35 HR potential.
22. Trevor Plouffe - Will see plenty of ABs and has OF eligibility too.  25 HR and no AVG.
23. Marco Scutaro - Probably more valuable at a utility player, and won't kill any stat
24. Chris Nelson - Keep your eye on his playing time.  .284, 13HR, 6SB over 550 career ABs.
25. Chris Johnson - If he gets the ABs in ATL could be a great #2 3B on your team, cheap.

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