When it comes to positional scarcity - you gotta love the abundance of start-able outfielders - which allows you to pursue good players at tougher positions to fill.  Most will tell you to wait on catchers and wait on relievers.  I say nay, wait on outfielders.  That's not to say that you shouldn't take Kemp in the first, or Upton in the second.  We're not telling you to draft Beltre over CarGo because the latter plays outfield.  But we see no sense in rolling with a CarGo/Holliday/Bruce outfield while you're rocking Steve Cishek/Jose Veras at reliever and Jarrod Saltalamacchia as your catcher.  Take your time with outfielders - almost a LIMA (low investment mound aces) type plan.  We'll call it a BOP (Bargain Outfielders Plan).  Without further ado - here comes on heck of a long list.

#1 OF's:
1. Mike Trout - We don't think this needs much explanation.  Unless you're a Kemp fan.
2. Matt Kemp - Give this guy his wheels back and he'll pay major dividends.
3. Ryan Braun - This ranking is under the assumption that he'll be playing a full season.
4. Andrew McCutchen - Gets the nod over CarGo.  .300, 25+ HR and 25+ SB looks nice.
5. Giancarlo Stanton - Every stat but SB is trending in the right direction.  Love the power.
6. Carlos Gonzalez - Late first round pick will contribute in every stat category.
7. Justin Upton - We have him higher than most, but should improve in Hotlanta.
8. Jose Bautista - Great hitter, but don't like the injury risk and decline in AVG, OPS, SLG.
9. Bryce Harper - Will keep getting better.  Breakout is possible 30/20?
10. Josh Hamilton - 100R, 40HR, 100RBI is very possible, but not all that likely at 31.

#2 OF's (#1's in the BOP):
11. Yeonis Cespedes - Another one of the outfielders with 30/20 potential in 2013.
12. Jason Heyward - Only 23.  Another possible 30/20 guy.  Don't like AVG, though.
13. Adam Jones - Turned it way up in 2012.  His age 27 season should be more of the same.
14. Jay Bruce - Eerily similar output to Heyward is likely.  Just 23 and love the CIN lineup.
15. Jacoby Ellsbury - Should have a great season - it is an odd numbered year. Easy 20/20
16. BJ Upton - We love his situation in ATL.  Not going to hit .300 but will get you 20/30.
17. Desmond Jennings - Outfield sleeper.  Will go later than this but should produce 10/40.
18. Austin Jackson - We love the potential for a .300/110/15/60/25 season. Relatively cheap.
19. Matt Holliday - We love consistent players with falling prices. Expect .300 and 27/100.
20. Adrian Gonzalez - Where he wants to be and has 1B eligibility.  Like the price.
21. Allen Craig - Clone to Matt Holiday, only younger and cheaper.  Like the 1B elig.
22. Ben Zobrist - Like the odds of producing a very useful fantasy season.  SS/2B, too.
23. Hunter Pence - Most have him lower than this but love the cheap HR and RBI's.
24. Melky Cabrera - Melk man should approach .300 with 15/15 and 100 RBI.
25. Alex Rios - Has settled in nicely with CWS but alternating hot/cold years. 20/20.
26. Michael Bourn - Lots of speed at the top of a young Indians lineup.

#3 OF's (#2's):
27. Martin Prado - Should love playing in Arizona and can hit .310 and won't kill any stat.
28. Curtis Granderson - Should he come back in May ready to go will still smack 30 HR.
29. Shin-Soo Choo - We think he will enjoy the change of scenery.  Decent power/speed.
30. Angel Pagan - Bold prediction and should be available >15th round - .290/100/10/60/30
31. Alex Gordon - Another season hovering around .300 20/20.
32. Norichika Aoki - Quietly put together a nice season.  Will be a steal late.
33. Alejandro De Aza - See above.
34. Shane Victorino - We think 15 HR and 35 SB is a possibility in Boston.
35. Andre Ethier - Matt Holliday lite should produce another solid campaign.
36. Nelson Cruz - Big name, bargain bin price should he play a full season.
37. Mark Trumbo - Getting 35 homers this late should be a crime. Won't kill you in any cat.
38. Josh Willingham - Another guy who can get you around 30 homers after round 10.
39. Carlos Beltran - Revival season in StL, should be good for another 25 long balls.
40. Dexter Fowler - Similar to Austin Jackson should produce across the board.

#4 OF's (#3's):
41. Ben Revere - Great young hitter will absolutely kill your power #s.
42. Carlos Gomez - We think the 19 homers was a bit flukey.  Temper expectations.
43. Torii Hunter - Speed is declining but love his situation in Detroit.
44. Jayson Werth - Says he's not 100% but double digit SB/HR is nice this late.
45. Carl Crawford - Not healthy yet, but could be the steal of the draft after round 10 or so.
46. Nick Swisher - Like the 1B elig., should be a lock for 100 RBI.
47. Brett Gardner - Forgotten speedster could be comeback POY.
48. Adam Eaton - Super breakout special, might not be such a sleeper anymore.
49. Todd Frazier - Probably better suited as a UTIL or 1B/3B, but cheap nonetheless.
50. Josh Reddick - Still don't know if the 32 HR was for real, but should be worth a gamble.
51. Michael Cuddyer - Getting older, but more patient.  Great UTIL guy with 1B elig.
52. Chris Davis - Broke out in a major way in 2012, but watch the price. Good value later.
53. Ryan Doumit - Great versatility as you can plug him into your C slot, too.
54. Jason Kubel - We think  season close to his 2010 season - .250/21/92

Guys to take a late round flier on (Or pick up via FA):
55. Ichiro Suzuki - Will post solid, but unspectacular stats in the Bronx.
56. Denard Span - Should like his new home.  Low level 5 tool guy.
57. Ryan Ludwick - Nothing by way of speed, but with the AB's could hit 25HR and 80RBI.
58. Cody Ross - Human powder keg should love playing time in ARZ. 27-28 HR possible.
59. Lorenzo Cain - Double digit SB/HR in the last round/FA should prove useful.
60. Starling Marte - Needs to settle in with Pirates, but could be a huge, huge sleeper here.
61. Alfonso Soriano - Could help with power #s, not much else.
62. Coco Crisp - Gets the playing time, and should swipe 40 bags.
63. Emilio Bonifacio - Will have more value at 2B, and will score lots of runs.
64. David Murphy - Double digit HR/SB is clutch this late.
65. Will Venable - We have him as a very deep sleeper.  10 HR/20 SB should come easily.
66. Carlos Quentin - Power #s late, if you need them.
67. Tyler Colvin - Could prove useful with similar numbers to 2012.
68. Garrett Jones - We like the potential here for 25-30 HR facing only righties.
69. Brandon Moss - 400 AB's should mean 25+ homers.
70. John Jay - More of a role player in StL, but could break out a bit in 2013.

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