I'm so old school with fantasy baseball sometimes, that I still think of Nomah, Tejada, and Jeter when I talk about the shortstop position with people.  Back then, if you missed out on those three, you were going to wait to grab a shortstop.  And wait some more.  But things have changed for the better.  And this year, the good news seems to be that there are at least  15 legitimate shortstops that you can utilize on your team.  The trend for 2013 is that at most positions, you can wait for the depth, and target the guys you actually want on your team in the early rounds.  With so many players eligible at shortstop, you don't have to sacrifice any particular stat if you choose to wait for a player.

Top Tier:
1. Jose Reyes - May be a shock, but he is consistent and won't kill any stat. 100 runs easily.
2. Hanley Ramirez - 5 tool stud if he can bring the average up to the .270 range.
3. Troy Tulowitzki - Don't pay for potential in the 1st.  Topped 540AB just twice in 6 years.
4. Starlin Castro - .297 career average and should approach 20/20 in 2013.

Second Tier:
5. Ben Zobrist - Gets the nod over Desmond with the better average and eligibility.
6. Ian Desmond - If he can repeat 2012, consider him in the top 4 heading into 2014.
7. Martin Prado - We think his lousy 2011 was the fluke.  Great bet for .310 and 15/15.
8. Elvis Andrus - Slap/Gap hitter should get better in 2013. .290 with 10/30 is within reach.
9. Jimmy Rollins - Getting old, but should continue to put up 20/20.

Third Tier:
10. Derek Jeter - 39 but still in great shape.  Put up double digit HR/SB in 16 MLB seasons.
11. Alcides Escobar - Could prove more valuable with later pick than Andrus/Rollins/Jeter.
12. Asdrubal Cabrera - Dont see him topping 17 HR or 10 SB.  We think 2011 was a bit fluky.
13. Josh Rutledge - Moving to second base with a healthy Tulo.  500 AB's will mean 15/15 +.
14. Erick Aybar - Rollins Lite should provide adequate runs and SB's.

Fourth Tier:
15. Everth Cabrera - Could post 65 SB in 2013.  Put up 44 in 398 AB's in 2012.
16. Danny Espinoza - Many have him higher, but we don't like the AVG/OPS output.
17. Andrelton Simmons - Might not shine in any one category but will certainly help you.

Guys you should take a gamble on or pick up via FA:
18. Zach Cozart - Thinking he'll improve on '12 numbers. .260/70/12/70/10 possible late.
19. Jean Segura - Just 23; could post Simmons type numbers, un-drafted in your league.
20. Marco Scutaro - We envision him mirroring his '12 numbers, worthy of a bench spot.
21. JJ Hardy - The Dan Uggla of SS.  All power, no speed, no patience at the plate.
22. Eduardo Nunez - Plenty of AB's in 2013.  Career line over 450 AB's is .272/64/7/48/38.

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