After becoming the youngest Blue Jays starter to record a win since 1979, the fantasy world quietly took notice.  Skipping AAA at age 21, the young Venezuelan pitcher was overshadowed by the likes of several more expensive fantasy youngsters:  Strasburg, Hellickson, and Moore to name a few.  But being in the AL East should be no problem for Alvarez, as he has maintained a sub 1.8 HR/9 ratio, a 53% GB rate, and a 66% strike rate - all above average.  He is not a power pitcher, but more or a finesse guy.  To quote Baseball Prospectus 2012 "Alvarez sits in the mid-90s with his fastball (which has electric late movement), geneRates plenty of ground balls, and has an advanced changeup."  He has a 42:9 K:BB ratio over 11 starts in the Majors.  He also sports a 3.35 ERA and a 1.10 whip through those games, and should continue to grow this year.  Remember the kid is only 21, and the prospectus says "He’ll be slotted into the back end of the rotation next year, but his ceiling is considerably higher than that."  Is this a Justin Upton on the mound in the making?  Could be, but for this season look for more along the lines of 10-12 W, a sub 3.75 ERA, a sub 1.20 WHIP and 135 K.  After tonights start against the Red Sox, allowing just a solo bomb to Pedroia, I am convinced; this young stud reeks of keeper potential and value.  Let Hendo's 42/9 K/BB over 69.3 career innings speak.  Pick him up now.

4/9/2012 14:17:43


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