I'm not too certain I'd have Bourn ranked ahead of Ichiro and here's why - I think that last year (age and all) was the anomaly for Suzuki. Hear me out - Bourn (who's value is propelled solely by SB) is a career .271 hitter, while Ichiro's "disastrous" 2012 yielded a .272 mark and 40 SB. They will both score the same amount of runs. Even if Bourn steals 20 bags more than Suzuki, I'd rather the extra 6-7 home runs, 30-40 rbi, and the temptation of Ichiro getting back to a .310 hitter. Age a question? Not many players have the discipline and training to maintain AT LEAST 639 AB's over the past 11 seasons. Give me Ichiro for $15, and I'll pass on Bourn, even at $12; then take a gamble later on Revere, Bourgeois, De Aza or Pagan for under $8.This is your new blog post. Click here and start typing, or drag in elements from the top bar.

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