This season, the catcher position seems pretty deep, but after the top 14 or so players, there seems to be a steep drop-off into barely rosterable players.  The tricky part is that 5 of our top 14 catchers also qualify at another position (meaning at least one manager is probably planning on selecting more than one of these guys). 
    Our advice is to wait as long as possible on selecting your catcher, but don't be one of the last two or three guys to do so.  Find who you think the best value is and make sure he'll be there when you select as late as you see fit.  In fact, the disparity between the top catcher (Posey) and our #14th ranked player (AJ Pierzynski) was 10R -3HR and 26RBI.  And you could get the latter about 16 rounds later in your draft.

Top Tier:
1. Buster Posey - Easily the top catcher in the game right now.

Second Tier:
2. Carlos Santana - 1B eligible, switch hitter, 26 years old, improved lineup.
3. Yadier Molina - Stolen bases certainly help at C position.
4. Willin Rosario - Should put up numbers in every stat category easily.
5. Matt Weiters - Can he top 30 HR/90RBI this season?
6. Joe Mauer - Has lost stock in some fantasy circles, but still has a .873 career OPS.

Third Tier:
7. Salvador Perez - SLEEPER ALERT should hit .300-70-15-70 over a full season at age 22.
8. Mike Napoli - The 30+ HR will be nice at Fenway, and eligible at 1B, too.
9. Miguel Montero - Not the best lineup around him, but still a great bet for a solid year.
10. Brian McCann - A 'bad' season = 20HR 67RBI, much better lineup in 2013, too.

Fourth Tier:
11. Jesus Montero - Fences in, better lineup, a year older.  Could break out.
12. Ryan Doumit - Will help in more ways than one. Good value, consistent, OF elig.
13. Alex Avila - Split the difference between 2011 and 2012 - .270-65-14-65
14. AJ Pierzynski - We think hitting in Tex. could help. .280 with 20 HR shouldn't be tough.

Guys you could take a gamble on or pick up via FA:
Jonathon Lucroy - Could surprise and help out in all 5 stat categories this season.
AJ Ellis - OBP machine in a ridiculous lineup should pay dividends.
Carlos Ruiz - Not sold on solid 2012 campaign.  He's a 34 year old catcher, too.
Rob Brantly - Great sleeper candidate, full time AB's in Miami.
JP Arencebia - Should go under the radar, will put up good enough power #s in that lineup.
Tyler Flowers - We think 25 home runs with a FT gig this season if he can cut the K's.

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